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$34,500 donor a natural resource

Screen grab from the Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council website, as of 9/21/11 at 3:00 p.m., altered to highlight Taylor Biomass

James Taylor, III, the local businessman behind Taylor Biomass, is also one of the mid-Hudson’s representatives on the new Mid-Hudson Regional Economic Development Council.  The full list of representatives is available on their website, here.

Also on the website is a brief overview of some of the regional data and resources for our region.  The first category is “Natural Resources” (see picture above) and includes items such as the Esopus Creek and links to the Department of Environmental Conservation.

Surprisingly, Mr. Taylor’s latest business venture is listed as a natural resource.  The Newburgh Advocate sent an email and telephoned the regional council’s office last week.  The council contact is Aimee Vargas, who works for the Empire State Development Corporation.  The Newburgh Advocate asked for an explanation as to how Taylor Biomass could be understood as a “natural resource.”  Ms. Vargas did not respond.

Mr. Taylor has donated $34,500 to Andrew Cuomo’s campaign fund either personally or through Taylor Biomass since 2009.  When the contributions from Taylor Recycling (now run by Mr. Taylor’s children) and Mr. Taylor’s wife are included, the total is $58,000.

Campaign donations of Taylor Biomass and related parties, in dollars:

Donor 2009 2010 2011
Taylor Biomass 5,000 2,500
Taylor, James 1,000 26,000
Taylor Recycling 11,000
Taylor, Eileen 8,500 5,000
Taylor, Tonya 5,000

Regional Council Workshop Tomorrow

The public is invited to participate in a community workshop tomorrow, Thursday, September 22 at the Emergency Services Building in Goshen.  The workshop is from 5:30 – 7:00 p.m. Here is the direct link to rsvp.  There is also a survey soliciting feedback available here.

Will Taylor’s secret contract be seen before council vote?

At the Newburgh City Council Work Session last Thursday night, Councilwoman Christine Bello had some questions about the contract being proposed by Jim Taylor’s Bio-Mass company.

This prompted Jim Rollins, from Taylor’s company, to ask, “Let me ask you if you have the most updated version [of the contract.]”

Which prompted Newburgh Corporation Counsel Michelle Kelson to say, “I don’t think that the one in the packets is the one that came yesterday…”

Herbek promises, but doesn’t deliver

I asked City Manager Richard Herbek at the end of the work session if he would post the revised contract on the city’s website.  He said he would, and that he didn’t see a problem with that.

But as of Sunday evening, July 10, the contract has not been posted.

Taylor Contract is on the agenda

Nevertheless, the city council will have the opportunity to vote on the contract that apparently some of them have never seen at Monday, July 11’s council meeting.

Also on the agenda will be approval of the Armory Unity Center Contract.


Just after 12 p.m. Monday, City Manager Herbek has just informed me that the Taylor contract and Armory Unity Center Contract are now posted on the city’s website.  Download the Taylor contract directly here, and the Armory Unity Center contract here.

Taylor Bio-Mass at Newburgh City Council

Jim Taylor and his colleague James Rollins joined the city council at the table last night in an effort to persuade the council to sign on to a twenty year contract. The council didn’t bite.

Instead, Councilman Curlie Dillard proposed spending more time on this issue, and putting it off until the August work session. There are still questions about what will happen if and when Orange County signs up for a Taylor Bio-Mass contract, which is expected July 22.

Councilwoman Marge Bell brought up the “trouble with the neighbor,” which Mr. Taylor dismissed as meritless. Taylor’s company is being sued by a neighbor.

After the meeting, City Manager Richard Herbek agreed to put up the new, revised contract Taylor was offering on the city website. As of Friday evening, it was not yet posted.

Taylor BioMass, Land Bank discussed at work session

Video above is of the full work session meeting of the Newburgh City Council held May 19, 2011. Download here.

Taylor BioMass presentation by James Rollins starts at 7:13 (although Councilwoman Bell discusses this item with City Manager Herbek for a few minutes before that.)


1. Procedural Items related to the City Council meeting on May 23, 2011:

a. Minutes of the meeting of May 9, 2011
b. Notices of Claim
c. Residential/Commercial Tax Exemption (485-a) public hearing is Monday
d. Land Use Plan public hearing is Monday
e. Stormwater Management Program public hearing is Monday
f. Recognition of National Public Works Week – DPW, Sewer and Water Departments will be recognized

2. Presentation:

a. Taylor BioMass Disposal option — James Rollins (see proposal)

3. Finance Department:

a. Monthly cash report
b. (Res. 105) Authorization to apply for Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee, Buckle Up NY Safety Program grant in the amount of $10,030.00 with an estimated City match of $2,600.00 and to accept such grant if awarded.
c. (Res. 106) Authorization to apply for Child Passenger Safety Grant in the amount of $10,000 with no City match.
d. (Res. 107) Agreement with to sell surplus items

4. Planning and Development/Real Estate:

a. Youth services (see memo)
b. CDBG 2011 Reprogramming Proposal (see memo)
c. Land Bank — 13 and 15 Chamber Street
d. RFQ Review Procedures
e. (Res. 103) Agreement with CGI Communications to participate in the community banner program

5. Engineering:

a. (Res. 104) License agreement with the Newburgh Rowing Club to authorize the construction of a sewer connection at the septage receiving station of the Newburgh wastewater treatment plan.
b. Proposal from CT Male to conduct initial evaluation of abandoned buildings (see proposal)

6. Discussion items:

a. Washington Street Boat Launch

• (Res. 108) Amendment to an agreement with NYS DEC regarding the fees associated with the Washington Street Boat Launch
• (See associated ordinances)

b. Waterfront Parking

7. Executive Session:

a. Pending litigation
b. Settlement of litigation