FBI fetish bike to stop the violence

But then again aren’t all the Orange County Choppers’ bikes fetish bikes?  Senator Bill Larkin gives the FBI bike a try during the unveiling Monday, August 9th at the Newburgh Waterfront.  The Choppers produced the bike (and another one to be raffled) for an episode that will air September 16 on TLC.

The two Bills: Larkin and Kaplan arrive at the waterfront.

Kids, sailors and cops: the three main demographic groups attending the ceremony, in reverse order of predominance.

Paul Teutul Sr. arrives on the FBI bike.

A sign for the augurs: a flock of pigeons soared overhead just before the police procession with Teutel Sr. began.

Inlaid gold detailing above the rear tire.

Seal on the front.

Teutel gives a speech and points out the features on the bike.

An example of the cops to other people ratio.

The black bike in the foreground will be raffled, with the money to support anti-gang/stop the violence programs and initiatives in Newburgh.

What’s a Newburgh event without Mayor Nick Valentine?

Where’s County Executive Eddie Diana?  Maybe he was too shy to show the love for faithful campaign contributors OC Choppers.  He sent Jim O’Donnell, who lurked under the canopy of the River Grill for the proceedings.  Thanks, everyone!